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Building Project Updates

I’ve included a few photos of the buildings at Hogar. The sleeping areas (dormitorios) as well as the kitchen/dining areas are being structurally refurbished. It is a big project, but is almost complete.

Our Next Project with Funding Needs

The next necessary project addresses meeting the basic medical needs of Hogar residents. This type of service is called a ‘consultorio” or ‘clínica’. A designated space would serve the residents by providing initial exmainations and basic care during their stay.

When Hogar Alegría was established in 1979, it was able to have a full-time doctor available. The story of La Doctora, Chi-Chi, is told in the ‘About Us’ section of this website. However, due to many factors, especially financial ones, the services of a medical team within Hogar has not been available for many years. A medical presence within Hogar would assess and treat particular problems and needs within the Hogar community. In addition, these services could be extended to the community at large, offering basic medical services at a very nominal rate.

The Bishop of Barahona and Directora Sor Lourdes at Hogar are both very excited and enthusiastic about having the ability to offer basic medical care for the residents.

To establish the consultorio/clínica at Hogar will require approximately $7,000 for equipment and initial supplies. We intend to acquire the necessary equipment in-country, and the pharmaceuticals and other supplies from purchases/donations in the D.R. as well as abroad.

Expenses for medical personnel include 1 doctor, 2 nurses and a cleaning person will run about $1,800 per month. We are estimating, therefore, a total budget for the first year of operation to be approximately $28,600. This assumes no outside revenue and support only from Hogar Alegría-PDX. To insure that this project is successful, we need to commit to Hogar that the funds will be available, so that there will be a continuity of services without the usual concern of lack of funding. After being established for the residents, the clínica’s services could be available for the community as well. Nominal fees would be charged in accordance with community standards and medical services available in Neiba.

The medical services function of Hogar Alegria has become an on-going project.  There are always obstacles to overcome, and they are continually being addressed, but the basic concept has been successful in the past and can be successful again. Your support of this endeavor is truly appreciated. The difference that your dollars can make in the lives of these forgotten folk is very real.

The list continues on and we are continuing our efforts to improve the lives of the local Ancianos.